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Our Menu - 2023


                                                 Our Philosophy


Today, after nearly 70 years, we strive to keep the best of the 1950’s alive at Mark’s. The great music, cool cars and nostalgic building are a big piece of our atmosphere but are only a small part of our success. The real reasons that our customers keep coming back is the excellent service, the super-clean kitchen, and the tasty, wholesome Beefburgers cooked and dressed the way our customers like them. The philosophy we live and work by at Mark’s might seem a little old fashioned. We try to take our ideas beyond restaurant management and apply them to everyday life. Its basic stuff like listening to our customers, keeping our promises, caring about our job and becoming leaders in our community in quality service and cleanliness. We keep it simple, enjoy ourselves and always look for ways to make things better. See for yourself, Mark’s is a fun place to eat!

                      Please note: Mark's doesn't take phone in or web in orders.
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